Advantages of the Automatic Lifting Hook

The elebia lifting hooks for cranes are the only automatic hooks with fail-safe design in the market.

With traditional crane hooks you can quickly and “kind of safely” engage the load. This engage though, has to be done manually. Usually lifting operations are exposed to accidental disengagement of loads even if they have been secured for this, or you think they are. This represents dangerous situations for workers, operators, and for the cargo…

The advantages of the automatic lifting hook for cranes include the increase in productivity, enhancement of safety and much more comfort in your lifting operations.

  • It is possible to hook and unhook the load remotely with the use of either the eMAX, eMINI or Installable remote controls
    • With the automatic engage and release feature of the automatic lifting hook, the need to move up and down the truck bed or having to climb to elevated and dangerous places and heights is eliminated
      • The user can choose the most convenient slinging method for each application: metal rings, cable slings, textile lifting slings, etc.
        • The evo automatic lifting hook and its magnetic system will improve the overall productivity, safety and comfort of your lifting operations
          • Productivity, Safety & Comfort

          • Increased Productivity:
            • – Less time invested in manoeuvring operations (loading/unloading/transport)
              – Risk of injuries or fatalities is minimised
              – Less personnel is necessary during the manoeuvring operation
              – No extra costs for additional machinery (basket lift, forklift, etc.)

            • Safety Enhancements:
              • – Elimination of possible accidents in operations with altitude or at great heights
                – Reduced injuries and chronic ailments by eliminating repetitive movements
                – Elimination of possible hand injuries (cuts, crushing, etc.) by not having to manipulate slings and other lifting accessories during the maneouvring operation
                – Avoiding the handling of toxic and radiation materials
                – Operators not exposed directly to extremely elevated temperatures

              • Comfort:
                • – The automatic crane hooks increase user comfort in all operations
                  – Improved working conditions


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