Aerospace Industry

aerospace industry

The aerospace industry includes, on one hand the aviation industry dedicated to the construction of aircrafts (usually large private companies). And the space industry dedicated to the construction of aircrafts with space exploration purposes (generally public-private partnership).

elebia collaborates with several major agencies in this industry with different projects and applications.

The elebia automatic lifting hooks for cranes increase the productivity and safety of the aerospace industry, helping in remotely reducing manipulation and displacements.


What do our clients say?…

…”The elebia hooks are simple to use. They keep crane operators and those responsible for rigging at a safe distance when connecting modules and engines to lifting equipment. Previously, when we joined the engine core to the fan case, our crane hoist was locked away for two days until the engine could be rotated to a horizontal position. Now, with the elebia hook, we can free up the crane hoist for other usage. We particularly like the fail-proof safety features that prevent the hook from opening when a lift is taking place. With the elebia tool, we can free-up 16 to 20 hours additional crane capacity on our current hoist to support other lifting work…”

The use of the elebia automatic hook will help you to operate and to increase productivity and safety of mounting operations in the aerospace industry, allowing operators to work from a safe distance, eliminating any risk of injury or accidental impacts.

With the help of any of the remote controls, the complete manoeuvring process of any of the large pieces can be handled remotely, eliminating the need of any worker displacements.


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The elebia automatic hook is the best option to operate and to increase productivity and safety of assembling operations in the aerospace industry, letting the operators work from a safe distance.

The remote engage and release feature of the safety hooks keeps workers away from the loading area and minimizes any risk of injury.


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