Sadoport Breakbulk Operations

5 May, 2014

The main Spanish and Portuguese ports are increasing safety and productivity of breakbulk operations thanks to the evo range automatic crane hooks. Over 400 automatic hooks are operating in these two countries alone, loading and unloading ships with big bags, pallets, paper pulp, steel coils, …

The elebia automatic crane hook focuses on increasing productivity and safety, much appreciated in breakbulk operations where the reduced time in port is very important and the safety of workers is essential. Moreover, the simplicity of the elebia safety hook makes it easy to adapt it to many different kind of loads and to install the hooks on any kind of spreader beam.

Sadoport, the largest and most important terminal at the port of Setubal (Portugal), has experienced these improvements of safety and productivity with 80 elebia automated hooks working in three shifts. As needed, the hooks are mounted in different cranes and reach stackers.

The reach stackers equipped with the elebia automatic hooks pick the load from the train and place it on the dock. Later, the cranes take the load from the dock and drop it into the ship. All this, whilst increasing safety and productivity.

Working in three shifts, ruggedness and reliability of the equipment is essential. The hook is adapted to Sadoport’s requirements by its flexibility, simplicity and reliability.

Increase in Productivity

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The following table compares the productivity of three working methods:

1. Traditional: Traditional hooks and traditional bigbags and slings.

2. elebia Hybrid: elebia automatic hooks and traditional big bags or slings.

3. elebia system: elebia automatic hooks and elebia big bags or textile lifting slings.

1- traditional 2- elebia hybrid 3- elebia system
hook on 8 people 8 people 2 people
release 8 people 0 people 0 people
hook on 2 min 2 min 20 seconds
release 2 min 7 seconds 7 seconds
risk yes reduced minimum
time per operation 6 min 4 min 2 min
loss to split load 15 min/h 10 min/h 10 min/h
big bags 150 u/h 300 u/h 600 u/h


You can see more videos in our Youtube ElebiaTV channel.

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