evo10 Marine in Water Pumping Stations

11 March, 2021

ALP Dynamics FR Corp is a company based in Panama with 12 years of experience in the Steel Industry. It specializes in the manufacture, installation and assembly of metallic structures. The company responds to needs in different sectors such as Construction, Engineering and Architecture.

Water Pumping Stations

One of its multiple projects addresses the need for sanitation in Panama Bay, where wastewater is diverted from the sewers to a purification station. Currently there are 13 water pumping stations and in each station there are 3 to 6 cleaning pumps. Each water pump weighs 1.4Tn., and they are at a depth of 50 feet/15m. Their function is to drive the wastewater to the next pumping station until it reaches its final destination, which is the purification station.

Previously, a non-fixed crane was required to manoeuver the pumps either for maintenance or replacement. An operator had to descend these 50 feet to where the cleaning pumps were located to be able to hook the crane hook to the lifting point, with all the associated risks. After conducting a study, it was determined to change this method for a system where a crane was used as a fixed element in each station.

Its new set-up now consists of a fixed gantry crane 16 feet in height and 20 feet in length set on 50 feet tracks. The crane’s hoist carries an evo10 automatic hook with marine configuration and IEC standard 60529 IP68, in order to protect the hook from the water. The marine configuration features an electro zinc coating, a fast drying dual component epoxy primer that provides rapid recovery and coating even at very low temperatures, a highly durable and high performance acrylic polysiloxane cosmetic finish and additional protection for the printed circuit board (PCB).

Marine Configuration

Thanks to the evo10 marine hook’s automatic engage and release option, it approaches the lifting point and engages and releases the load remotely. With this feature, the operator no longer has to go down the pit to manually hook on the lifting point. The entire operation is now managed from the surface, at a safe distance and with only the use of a remote control.

This new installation allows to show other potential customers the advantages of the automatic hook and to accompany the client in the search for solutions adapted to their needs.

The same solution is already being planned for cleaning pumps of up to 8Tn. from other water pumping stations, with the requirement of automatic hooks of higher capacity.

Get a clearer view of the whole process in the below video!

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