Timber Roof Trusses Solution

31 January, 2018

Menhardt Construction has been in business since 1961, specializing in large apartment projects in eastern Pennsylvania and New Jersey. The success of their business is directly influenced by providing a safe and clean working environment for employees and customers. As wood framing contractors, one of Menhardt’s main area of expertise are timber roof trusses, a structural framework of timbers designed to bridge the space above a room and to provide support for a roof.

We were approached in mid-November by Menhardt in their search for a solution for the remote realeasing of the timber roof trusses. The remote release operation is generally done at elevated heights, which implies risks for the operators, and therefore safety is a big concern. Before year’s end we supplied Menhardt with an evo2 automatic hook demo unit at their Allentown facilities.

Automatic Crane Hook

The evo2 automatic crane hook is the smallest safety hook of our range, but with a lifting capacity of 2,500kgs/5,500 lbs., it is able to engage and release any load remotely. For the occasion, the evo2 lifting hook was equipped with a magnet sensor, which indicates when the wire rope sling is attached to it. This info is displayed in the eMAX remote control. Units with the magnet sensor can be configured in ‘Autoclose Mode’: the hook will automatically close when the magnet sensor detects the ring is in position. The magnet sensor’s sensitivity/trigger level can be adjusted to customer needs.

The evo2 safety hook with magnet sensor was configured in ‘Autoclose Mode’, eliminating the need for an operator to having to close the hook manually. With this configuration, the automatic hook will automatically close when the magnet sensor detects the ring is in position. With this set up, the last piece of the puzzle was attaching a wire rope sling to the evo2 automatic hook to ease the sling recovery once the load was disengaged/released.

Check out the full video here

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