Spider Cranes: What are They, Features and Advantages

26 November, 2021

A crane is a tall metal structure that is used for lifting and moving heavy objects. Cranes feature a horizontal part that conducts the carrying tasks. There are different types on the market based on their uses and designs. One of them is the spider crane or mini crane. Let’s check it out.

What is a Spider Crane?

Spider or mini cranes are products designed to access restricted or limited working spaces. They feature similar elements as traditional cranes, with the exception that they are compact, and they can be used in challenging surfaces and spaces. They are operated either manually or using power.

Features of Spider Cranes

  • Compact body: one of the most recognizable features of mini cranes is their compact body. They typically feature a body width of about 590 to 750 mm. This body width allows them to navigate through a standard single door. It also allows for indoor use of the product.
  • Crawlers: these cranes also come with crawlers. The role of the crawlers is to allow the cranes to travel into a confined area. This element differs from one design or brand to the next.
  • Motor: the motor helps the product to operate. Most mini cranes on the market come with an electric motor. The electric motor’s role is to ensure that the product can perform seamlessly indoors without causing any gas emissions. They are also responsible for the low carbon footprint feature of the cranes. Note that there are a few models that are operated manually.
  • Weight: these cranes are also typically lightweight. This feature allows them to be carried out to a site of service. They also allow for the products to be carried to rooftops and inside buildings where they can work.
  • Outriggers: these devices come with four outriggers. The role of the outriggers is to stabilize the compact body of the crane. The triggers can lift the same weight as conventional cranes. They also allow the product to function evenly on sites with obstacles and lift with as much stability as possible.
  • Winch: the cranes also come with a winch. Depending on the brand, the winch uses a durable disk brace, which allows for the product’s continuous use.

Advantages of a Spider Crane

Some of the main benefits of a crane spider include: 

  • One of the most significant benefits of mini cranes is their ability to perform in some of the roughest terrains. The cranes come with versatile outrigger configurations that can operate even in the most uneven surfaces as well as slopes. Their outriggers are designed in such a way that they can stabilize the device when performing on uneven grounds. They also feature a tracked mobility element, which allows them to travel over challenging surfaces.
  • A mini spider can perform in confined spaces and compact areas. This is something that traditional cranes cannot achieve. This is because of their compact design, and it is one of the main reasons why these products are widespread in the market.
  • A spider hoist also comes with safety and health elements that enable the user’s incredible performance and security. They feature some of the most intelligent functions, like a list-smart advanced safety system. This system sees to it that the outrigger interlocks to allow for stabilization of the chassis before conducting any form of operation. The cranes also feature safe load indicators. This feature keeps the device from lifting outside its operational envelope. The work area limitation element also counts as a safety and health component.
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    More Advantages

  • Additionally, most mini cranes on the market come with turnover protection elements. They feature stability warning lamps and safety alarms. All these products help to eliminate the risk of tipping.
  • The gadgets also have a positive impact on the environment. This is because they are available in environmentally-friendly formats. They also feature a wide range of lifting capacities. The mini cranes offer the same heavy lifting energy and quality by not generating too much power or leaving behind a significant carbon footprint. These components are designed to operate fume-free lifts. They are, therefore, incredible for operators working in sensitive environments.
  • The cranes feature a compact design which does not require too much preparation for delivery of the product. This means that there are fewer site disruptions and time wastage. However, note that the design element and preparation is determined by the kind of project at hand.
  • Additionally, these mini cranes are more cost-efficient than their counterparts. The fact that they are flexible and do not disrupt the sites where they are constructed is a testament to their cost-efficiency.

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