Textile Lifting Slings

Textile lifting slings are used along with hoists to facilitate the movement of bulky materials from one end to another. Heavy loads pose a great challenge for manual workers and can take loads of time to move around without the help of loading equipment. Textile lifting slings are designed to make this work easier and they have been largely effective on this end. They are hooked to hoists and provide handling capabilities for heavy loads. They are used heavily on construction sites especially when the building under construction is bound to have at least a couple of floors.

elebia textile lifting slings can be attracted and oriented automatically because of the metal strip within the sling. Tubular, double band and big bag slings are the different options:

The tubular slings have a circular model and are light. They are also nylon coated and easily engage with the crane lifting hooks as they have a wire rope within them. The big bag slings are designed such that remote engagement can be achieved easily thanks to its handles. The double band slings are slightly different as they have magnetised ends.

Tubular Slings

Tubular Sling

Light and ultra-resistant nylon slings. This model is circular, with a wire rope running throughout the nylon-coated sling to ease engagement with the magnet of the elebia lifting hook for cranes (Up to 3TN)

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Double Band Slings

Double Band Sling

Light and ultra-resistant nylon slings. The ends of this model are magnetized. A nylon-coated wire rope integrates the two sling handles to ease engagement with the magnet of elebia crane hook. (Up to 3TN)

Big Bag Slings

Big Bag Sling

Light and ultra-resistant nylon slings. The sling is designed to attach the two handles of the Big Bag and ease its remote engagement. A wire rope is placed in the centre of the nylon-coated sling to ease engagement with the magnet of the elebia safety hook. (Up to 1TN)


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